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Fears and Phobias 

Do you have a phobia? You are not alone! Phobias are common, with a large percentage of the population having some sort of phobia, ranging from mild to severe reactions. Most of us know someone who is afraid of spiders or perhaps someone who is afraid of flying. How about the person who hides in a cupboard every time there is a thunderstorm. Most of the time, these fears are manageable and do not impact on our lives. However, when these fears or phobias begin to limit life in some way, it may be time to let someone help you.

Phobias can be learnt for just about anything but they can also be ‘un-learnt’, reprogramming the subconscious and changing the meaning and association given to experiences. Almost all phobias can be treated successfully and usually respond well to hypnotherapy. One of the advantages of treating a phobia or something fearful with hypnotherapy is that it can be overcome in a relatively short time. I use a combination of hypnotherapy, CBT and NLP so the treatment is gentle and we only go at your pace. Treatment is usually one- three sessions but it is different for each individual and sometimes follow up sessions are needed.

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